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What is the Danza?

Updated February 10, 2001
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Note: The midis appearing in this section are just but a sample of the material appearing in, the most complete collection of Puertorrican
Danzas in the WWW


Manuel G Tavárez, el compositor de esta danza y maestro de Morrel Campos,  es considerado como El Padre de la Danza Puertorriqueña . Le dió el toque delicado y romántico que ha hecho posible el que la Danza halla llegado, aunque de forma algo limitada hasta el momento, a la sala de conciertos. Su más famosa composición, la preciosa Danza "Margarita", compuesta en 1870, es un digno ejemplo del tratamiento fino y pulido que este compositor impartió a este género.

 Mis Amores (My Loves) 

This composition, written in 1893 by the famous puertorican musician Simon Madera is one of the most famous danzas from the end of the XIX century.  This danza was written when the author was only 18 years of age. The author was a composer not only of danzas but also of waltzes and chamber music.

Laura y Georgina

According to Juan Morel Campos, the author of this danza was "the maximum presenter of the Puerto Rican danza, its most prolific composer and the person that brought this genre to its maximum expression. 

Tu y Yo

This pretty danza by Angel Mislan, was composed to fit a poem written by Gustavo Adolfo Becker. "The sound of a golden Arp, the kiss of dawn, a ray of light, that's what you are, Perpetual desire of something better, that's me" It's the object of hope before the one that hopes.


This danza was composed by Rafael Alers and written by Antonio Cruz. "and you were, pretty Violet, an April moon over my nights".

Bajo La Sombra De Un Pino
(Under the Shadow of a Pine Tree)

Composed in 1936 by Juan F. Acosta a disciple of Mislan it was at a time when the danza was not in vogue a piece worthy of the best of the best times of the danza.  The song was written by Jorge W. Diaz & J. Martinez. As it was his wish, upon his death the composer of this danza was buried under the shadow of a pine tree.


Written by Rafi Escudero, the puertorican autor and composer, this danza, better known as "What I want to be", is one of the three most famous danzas of the XX century. Escudero has demonstrated that the puertorican danza is still current thanks to the poetic and modern direction given to it by him and other contemporary puertorican musicians. 

Tu Vives en mi Pensaminento

Written by Eladio Torres, the Puerto Rican composer, was recorded by Danny Rivera and quickly gained popularity. While its author retired from music to become a mental health counselor in New Hampshire, USA this piece  became one of the three most famous danzas of the XX century. Several versions of this danza have been recorded by various famous musical groups.

Verde Luz

This danza gained solid stature as one of the top gifts of the new song movement to Borinquen's popular pentagram. This composition, written by Antonio Caban Vale, better known as "el Topo", has been recorded in dozens of versions and is considered one of the national anthems of Puerto Rico.

Isla Hermosa

This piece, composed by Luciano Quiñones, is a winner!!! When a masterful creation is given the right name, a name that conveys the right description of the place of origin of the creation we have a winner. It's the composer's favorite and the 1st place winner in the 1995 Danza contest at the Instituto de Cultura Puertoriqueña.