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Updated February 10, 2001
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Request for Contributions

We need contributions of full midis (religious) to ad to this page, together with the written songs and, if possible, a short note on the origins and use (or meaning) of the piece contributed. These should have also the name of the person that did the sequence as well as permission to publish it on this site. Proper credit will be given to the person that prepared the midi as well as a link to their web site if so desired. The specific pieces that we are looking for have to be of distinct Puerto Rican origin. Just because a particular song is used in many meetings of a religious character among Puerto Ricans is not enough. In an ideal situation a piece has to have both roots in the music of Puerto Rico and lyrics that combine the religious motive with the slang that is distinctive of the Puerto Ricans. We don't intend to be extremely strict but in a site dedicated to the music of Puerto Rico we need religious music that can be considered music of Puerto Rico.

If you can contribute please contact  Obed Cintron by using the above E-Mail hyperlink button.